The Single Wives Channel Seven

How did a single mum from Sydney end up living in a $20 million house and filming a reality TV show, within just a few weeks of screen testing?


The Single Wives is a new Channel Seven reality show that tracks the dramatic, emotional and romantic transformation of four women searching for their second chance at love. In my case, my third chance at love LOL.


We’ve walked down the aisle before...but for each of us, our marriages ended in heartbreak. Now we're back on the dating scene and have a lot to learn!


It’s going to be a roller coaster of a show. Fun and fascinating with lots of excitement along the way!


The host of our show is Fifi Box, who is joined by the world’s number one dating expert, Matthew Hussey.


Who will find romance again? It’s a life-changing relationship crash course you won’t want to miss. Oh and you'll have to watch the show to find out my news!


THE SINGLE WIVES, is currently screening on 7Plus following season one on Channel Seven.

Season One is currently screening in Norway.