We've been creating schmick videos and content for years, but now we're actually available for new clients.


Specialising in social media video's, events and festivals, we ensure we have a thorough understanding of what you do and who your target audience is. We also listen to your needs and love a specific shot request list, if you have one.

My TV videographer biz partner and I have a vast background across all facets of event photography, videography, production and content creation including as a photo editor, researcher, and digital tech talented with post production.

We specialise in events and festivals, with a continued relationship with several leading Government organisations and well known brands. 


We have an awesome group of colleagues and can pull off a large event even editing and post on-site for immediate results. 

We also provide full service with still shots, drone photography, time lapse videos, vox pops and videography.  

We understand the value of doing a fantastic job for a client - yours and mine (you).

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